Saving Electricity Investments

Changing light bulbs to LED

Saving (Typical Example)
74 kWh/year
Saving Explained

LED lamps are

  • 7 times as efficient as old, incandescent (filament) lamps,
  • 5 times as efficient as halogen lamps and
  • 50% more efficient than flourescent lamps.

If you replace one old 60 W lamp with a 9 W LED, you save 51 Watt every hour. If you use the lamp 4 hour/day, you save 74 kWh/year.

2 €
Investment explained (if any)
  • You can get LED lamps that fit most existing fixtures. The only cost is to buy the LED lamp. The typical price of a good LED lamp is 2 €.
  • One could calculate how much is the saving.
More information

Three main groups of more economical bulbs

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