This Catalogue of local solutions on what you can do to save electricity and heat and to use renewable energy is collecting 34 solutions. These solutions include examples of behavioural change and low-cost investments. At each solution it is indicated how much energy you can save, how much it costs, and where can you find more information, mainly in Ukraine and Belarus.

Examples of the behaviour change are:

  • Turning off equipment not in use;
  • Washing dishes in a separate container, not under a running tap;
  • Periodical refrigerator defrosting.

Examples of investment are:

  • Changing light bulbs to LED;
  • Insulating walls;
  • Replacing old inefficient energy consumption equipment (reftigerator, kitchen stove etc).

It is aimed that these solution inspire people to reduce climate change, to defend environment in general, and to reduce energy poverty. We hope that the catalogue is useful for many. Please let us know if you have some solutions that you propose to add. See our contact details under contact.