Use Renewable Energy

Solar PV for local use, low volt

Saving (Typical Example)
Production around 200 kWh/m2 of solar, around 300 kWh/m2 near Black See
Saving Explained

Solar PV panels and batteries can provide off-grid power for many uses. Small systems are inexpensive today and can be used for mobile phones, lamps, laptop computers and others. Small systems are typical 12 Volt and can use car equipment, larger systems often use 24 Volt. The systems can replace grid connections and generators, mainly for spring and summer when the sun is highest. And the output is 40% higher near the Black Sea than in Northern Europe. A system comprises solar PV panels, a regulator, and a battery. For 220 Volt use, a converter to 220 Volt is needed.


A full system with 300-400 Watt solar panel, a regulator, and battery 100 Ah, 12 Volt produces 300-400 kWh/year in Northern Europe.

Investment explained

Prices vary. A full system with a 300-400 Watt panel, regulator, battery costs 500 -1000 € and will last 20-30 years, except for batteries that often last 5-10 years. A small system with down to 10 Watt PV panel can be some 50€.

More information

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