This Catalogue of Local Solutions to Save Electricity and Heat and to Use Renewable Energy is made in the framework of the "Civil Society for Sustainable Energy - Local to National in Eastern Europe" in short SELNEE Project in 2020-22. The Project is an NGO Cooperation across the INFORSE-Europe network in Belarus, Ukraine and Denmark.

The objectives of the SELNEE Project is promoting climate action and transition to sustainable energy in Eastern Europe in general and in particular in Ukraine and Belarus. The project shall directly contribute to the following SDGs: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sustainable ways (SDG13), Increase renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as providing people that lack it today with affordable energy (SDG7), Increase jobs in green solutions (SDG8), partnership between CSOs, local CBO's, municipalities, and other stakeholders (SDG17). This will in turn contribute to other SDG's such as poverty reduction (SDG1) with more affordable energy and job creation.

The SELNEE project has been financially supported by CISU – Civil Society for Development, Denmark.

The Project’s Partners are Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Agency (Ukraine), Center for Environmental Solutions (Belarus), and INFORSE-Europe Secretariat.

Read more on the SELNEE project in English and in Ukrainian

The Catalogue of Local Solutions was updated through another project “Change Agents for a Green Society with Focus on Renewable Energy for District Heating in Ukraine” financed by the New Democracy Fund, Denmark.